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Our 4 Top Tips For A Restful Sleep

09 Jul 2020

Are you struggling to get back into the rhythm of things now that lockdown is easing and things are ramping back up? Feeling tired at lunch time despite being three skinny lattes and a chocolate muffin down? Compared to the slower pace that most of us have experienced over the last three months, it feels like we have to move at warp speed to accomplish everything that we used to – and that is exhausting! Rest is so important to get the most out of each day and avoid feeling sluggish, so we’ve shared our top tips for getting the best night’s sleep!


  1. Step away from the phone!

    The blue light from your phone mimics daylight, so whilst you know it’s time for bed, your brain thinks it’s time to get on with the daily grind and won’t let you go to sleep. We’re all guilty of a midnight scroll, but the content we see on social media can trigger emotional responses which keep your brain engaged. This makes it really difficult to fall asleep and can leave you tossing and turning for hours, wondering if those cute puppies you just saw on Facebook have found a home yet. It’s recommended that you stop using your phone around one hour before bedtime, but even thirty minutes before will still make a difference. The same is true for TV and tablets, so no more Netflix in bed (we’re really sad about this, too). Maybe we could read instead…book club anyone?


  1. Get your blood pumping.

    Regular exercise during the day can increase the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative sleep stages. In fact, research has found that walking for as little as 10 minutes a day can have a positive impact on sleep quality – how convenient that our local coffee shop is a five-minute walk away? However, the more vigorous the exercise, the bigger the sleep benefits. So, put one of our non-slip skinny scrunchies in and get your running shoes on, ladies, we’ve got Zs to catch!


  1. Ditch the caffeine.

    Caffeine can stay in your system for 6-8 hours, preventing natural relaxation and worsening sleep quality. Are you guilty of swinging round the Starbucks drive through on your way home for cheeky cappuccino? Or maybe you like a Diet Coke with your dinner? What about a cup of tea and Netflix in bed? Accidentally consuming a large amount of caffeine is so easily done and can be so detrimental to your sleep cycle. Obviously, we’re not saying you can’t have any caffeine (gosh, we’re not evil), just try not to have large amounts after 4pm and, if you really need a cuppa before bed, go caffeine-free.


  1. Make your night-time routine a relaxing experience.

    It’s no secret that we fall asleep when we’re relaxed, so doing whatever you can to aid that relaxation will help you get a long and restful sleep. First, find a time that works each night to do your skin/personal care routine – trying to do it in a rush is not relaxing for anyone, so make sure you plan in any masks or treatments that take a little longer. Whilst you’re doing your that, you could have a relaxing, lavender scented candle burning – we love this one by Diptyque (just remember to blow it out before you get comfortable).


Next, slip one of our 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases onto your plumpest, most comfortable pillow. Not only are they super luxurious, cooling and relaxing, they will also absorb less of those expensive creams and oils you just bathed your face and hair in*. This means that you will save time on your morning routine when you wake up bed-head free and glowing (anything for an extra ten minutes!).


*less than a regular, cotton pillowcase


We hope you find these tips useful – they’ve certainly helped us get back into the swing of normal life. Let us know if you implement any of them!

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