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Meet Team TBS

01 Apr 2021

With Women’s History Month drawing to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our fabulous, female-led team here at TBS. We’re a small in numbers but mighty nontheless - we absolutely love what we do and can’t wait to share it with you guys more. 

Name: Abby

Role: CEO & Founder

Duties: I’m always on call for the team,          making sure my vision is being fulfilled and that the brand message is being portrayed. I’m also a very busy mum of three, which is just the best job in the world!

Name your silk hero

I just love the skinnies - they’re so practical but gentle on hair and luxurious, and the colours of the multi-pack are just dreamy together.

Tell us something we wouldn’t have guessed…

I’m a qualified international lawyer and have practised in the UK and US.


Name: Laura

Role: Brand Consultant

Duties: I’m usually signing things off, telling people why I think they’re wrong (in a nice way!), and making key strategic decisions for the brand.

Name your silk hero

The luxe scrunchies are my absolute fave. I never leave the house without one on my wrist. They’re so luxurious and really elevate any outfit. 

Tell us something we wouldn’t have guessed…

I also freelance as a fashion stylist, and I’ve written features for ELLE and Cosmopolitan!



Name: Laura T

Role: Graphic Designer

Duties: I live my life on Photoshop - you can find me designing anything from newsletters to social content.


Name your silk hero

The TBS masks have saved my skin - before I switched to silk maskne was constantly on my mind, but now I barely give it a second thought. 


Tell us something we wouldn’t have guessed…

My favourite subject in school was geography and I absolutely love to travel - I can't wait to get on a plane after lockdown!


Name: Annie

Role: Brand and Content Executive

Duties: you can find me doing anything from content writing, to product testing, to sending PR packages to VIPs. 


Name your silk hero

It’s got to be the pillowcase for me - I literally notice the difference in my skin and annoying get little red spots if I spend one night on cotton now. 


Tell us something we wouldn’t have guessed…

I’m a qualified secondary school maths teacher! 

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