No frills.
No fuss.
Just The Big Silk.

The Big Silk was born from my lifelong need to speed up my morning beauty routine, and to be kinder to my hair and skin in the process.

Like most women, I've always found the low-maintenance, high-quality glow ups that my schedule demands to be a struggle. Forever in a rush every morning, I was tired of having to re blow-dry my hair and frizzy halo bits. The hideously expensive face creams and lotions I'd spend hours selecting never seemed to stay on my skin when I slept. And I’ve tirelessly perused the ends of the earth to find THE bobble - the one that’s got perfect hold, and wouldn't tear out my hair or look out of place with most outfits. Long story short, I couldn't find affordable solutions to my problems - and quite frankly, the list was endless.

And so, The Big Silk was born: cue beautifully silky scrunchies with the perfect hold that take you from Netflix in bed, to the gym and beyond. Then there's our cult-buy beauty band, for flawless makeup application and removal; the silk slip protective pillowcase that's specially designed to protect your blow-dry, hair and eyelash extensions and your skincare regime. 

To every modern woman out there - the go-getter; the trend-setter; the beauty queen; the wonder-mum; the everyone else in-between - I truly hope you enjoy these little luxuries.

--Abby Benton, CEO & Founder

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds