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8 Beauty Benefits Of A Silk Pillowcase

09 Jun 2020

How much sleep we get each night can signify the difference between a stressed, dull-faced zombie and a well-put-together, dewy-faced goddess. That much is well known. But did you know that how we actually sleep also has a huge part to play? Meet your new beauty must-have: The silk pillowcase.

Arguably one of the most important tools in your regime, the best bit about it is that there is absolutely nothing you need to do – other than settling down into the sweetest of slumbers. Yup, that’s right; while you sleep, the silk pillowcase is doing all the hard work for you. It’s the best thing since … freshly ironed bedsheets. Sound too good to be true? We're listing 8 reasons why we're obsessed with them and why we'll never go back to cotton:


1. It’s great for your skin

You can spend all the money in the world on the best serums and celebrity-endorsed highlighters, but the material you choose to cosy up to at the end of each day could undo a lot of the hard work.

The fact is, because silk is nowhere near as absorbent as a traditional cotton pillowcase, sleeping on it will not only help your skin to retain its natural moisture but also ensure that any pre-bed products you’ve treated your face to won’t rub off, either. Because it doesn’t sap out the natural oils and bacteria from your face – unlike cotton – you can also rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not getting up close and personal with your very own personal petri dish of germs, meaning it will help keep acne at bay. And if you do suffer from acne or other conditions (think eczema, psoriasis or rosacea), its gentle surface will be kinder on your skin, too.

In case that still wasn’t enough, silk also naturally contains amino acids – the very same which are found in many of today’s moisturisers. Because of its incredibly smooth surface it also won’t crease, meaning none of those annoying indentations on your face when you wake up! What’s more, thanks to its refusal to tug on your skin as you toss and turn, it will even help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Is it really any wonder that it’s commonly touted as a must-have in your anti-ageing arsenal? 

I’ve heard enough! I want one!


2. Your hair will thank you too!

We didn’t call it one of the most important tools in your beauty regime for nothing! As well as helping to keep moisture in your strands and on your scalp, which is a godsend for those with dry hair, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also leave your hair smooth and split-free, thanks to its frictionless surface. Oh, and those amino acids we just told you about? Great for nourishing your hair follicles while you sleep, too! (Told you – a serious all-rounder!) Sleeping on silk to prolong a blow-dry or give some extra staying power to braids has been a well-kept secret among some women for years, and we’re determined to bring it to the masses, helping you say goodbye to frizz, bedhead and unruly tangles forever!


3. You’ll get greater use out of your beauty staples

As your skin and hair become naturally healthier, you’ll find yourself needing fewer cosmetic products than before – not to mention the fact that any semi-permanent beauty treatments, such as hair and eyelash extensions, will enjoy a longer life thanks to the reduced pull, friction and snagging sleeping on a silk pillowcase will ensure. The result? A freeing up of the purse strings for other essentials, such as that gorgeous dress you’ve had your eye on for a month (hey, no-one’s judging).

Ok. I’m sold. Take me to buy now! Click here.


4. It will keep night-time nasties away

Naturally hypoallergenic, silk boasts a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould – along with many other unwanted visitors. It’s also free of chemicals. In beauty terms, this means keeping red, puffy eyes at bay – along with other unwanted rashes.


5. No matter how hot it gets, it will help keep you cool

Is there anything silk can’t do? Apparently not, according to a study by the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, which found that because it helps regulate body temperature, it will ensure you keep cool during the long, summer nights (and stop your hair from becoming a hot, sticky, sweaty mess!).


6. It’s easy to care for

You might – understandably – assume that with such a precious item, you’ll be taking on a huge commitment in keeping it pristine. Not, so. In fact, while we would recommend hand washing whenever possible, it will withstand the odd washing machine cycle (when you’re short on time) at a maximum of 30°. Just make sure you always use a PH neutral or silk detergent and line dry afterwards.


7. The celebs swear by it

If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian, we’re here for it, too!

8. You’ll enjoy a true luxury experience

There is, quite simply, nothing more luxurious than sinking into a silky soft pillowcase at the end of a long day. No amount of description here will do it justice – it’s just one of those things you’ve got to try for yourself. (Sleep first, thank us later!)


The silk pillowcase: If only all our other dreams were as easily attainable!


Get yours here!



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